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For better clarification on the rules listed below, ask a staff member. If a rule is not listed and you have seen it on other servers, use common sense - ask.

=> No stealing or scamming.

  • No theft/stealing.  This includes from your own party. However, if it is unclaimed, it is fair game. 

  • No scamming.  Use /trade to safeguard your deals.  Selling items such as, and similar to, fake/broken items is strictly not allowed.

=> No border claiming.

  • There should be at least 5 chunks between you and your neighbors.

=> No border claim griefing.

=> No griefing claimed land.
=> No homophobia, racism or sexism.
=> No doxing, threats or harassment.

  • Harassment of any kind is not tolerated.  This includes but is not limited to insulting, bullying, abusive speech, etc.

  • DDoS, Doxxing, and Death Threats, including threats of doing so, will result in immediate punishment.

=> No advertising.

  • No server advertising through chat, private messages, books, mail, builds, etc.

=> No hacking or exploiting game/plugin bugs.

  • Hacking is not tolerated and will result in punishment.  The use of any and all modifications that create an unfair advantage (such as X-Ray, Kill Aura, etc.) will result in punishment.

  • Abuse of any bug/exploit, whether reported to staff or not, will not be tolerated.  All bugs/exploits must be reported to the Owner/Admins immediately.

  • Players are not allowed to "hackusate," calling out hackers in chat or to call out staff that are in vanish.  Please use /helpop so staff can punish appropriately without disruption or the accused disappearing.

=> No mods/macros that give an unfair advantage.

  • No macro scripts or other programs that automate any process that will gain an advantage.

=> No tp trapping or tp killing.

=> No mute/ban evasion.

  • Evasion of a mute or ban will result in further punishment. 

  • Do not speak or act on someone's behalf who is muted/banned.

=> No chat disruption.

  • Any type of chat feature that disrupts chat (overuse of capital letters, custom chat fonts, etc.) will be punishable.

  • No inappropriate chat, chat spam or full CAPS.

  • Do not abuse /helpop or any of the ticket systems on the discord.  Chat rules apply.

=> No NSFW or obscene content.

  • This includes text, images, or links featuring nudity, sex, hard violence, or other graphically disturbing content.

=> No homes/warps in claimed land that does not belong to you.
=> No real-world trading.

  • Real-world trading, also known as third-partying, will not be tolerated and may result in immediate punishment, up to a permanent ban.

=> No bypassing AFK.

  • As AFK time is not included in leaderboards, AFK pools or anything that moves the player or otherwise keeps the player from going AFK, is strictly prohibited.

=> No physical trolling or chat trolling. 

  • If someone asks you to leave their claim, leave.  If someone asks you to leave them alone, leave them alone.

=> No large scale redstone/automated farms.

  • All automated farms must be within 1 chunk and no more than 4 layers, within 2 chunks and no more than 2 layers, or within 4 chunks and no more than 1 layer.

  • No more than 1 automated farm type per player - this does not include spawner farms.

=> No lagging the server.

  • Any builds built with the purpose of lagging or crashing the server will result in an immediate permanent ban.

=> No impersonation.

  • Do not impersonate any player or staff member.

=> No alt boosting.

  • Alts may not be used to AFK.

  • Alts cannot be in a party, for any reason - not even to set home.

  • You may not claim /daily or any other rewards with your alt, with the exception of Neos from voting.

  • Voting with alts is permitted but you may only claim Neos & Vote Keys from up to 3 accounts that were voted on, this includes your main account.

  • You may only have 3 accounts online at a given time.

=> No Console Clients

  • Console clients may not be used.  Players now reconnect automatically after daily server reboot, except for random proxy reboot.  However, proxy reboots are few and far between.  This will be enforced, and punishable after first warn.

Staff will enforce the rules set forth to the best of their abilities with the information given at the time of punishment.  If you feel you have been unfairly punished, you may fill out an appeal on the discord in the #ban-appeals channel or by filling out this form: Punishment Appeals

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